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You plan to settle down in Provence ? For professional or personal reasons ?


You are far away and have only a short time to find your future home ?


You want to rent or buy ?


You are worried about the impact of this relocation on your family ?

Put the odds on your side !


I will help you in this exciting project !

You will employ me to take care of your employees during the relocation process.


My mission includes everything around their settling down in the new country or region.

Discovering their new environment, organising the housing search, formalities, helphing them with their social and cultural integration, these are different services I offer in order to answer your needs  and expectations and the ones of your employees.


I put all my motivation and energy to support you in your employee relocation in order to make them feel at home and be operational as soon as possible.


For your Company

For your Employees

  • HR does'nt have to worry about the                           employee's relocation

  • Optimised travel expenses

  • Regular updates on the mission

  • Employee appreciation of the companies help

  • A more relaxed employee is operational faster

  • Possibility of benefiting of the MobiliyPass subvention for private non farm companies

  • A motivated employee who appreciates the companies help

  • Benefits of the relocation agent's regional knowledge and network

  • As few moves as possible to find the employee's home sweet home

  • Well-being of the family, employee serenity

  • Quicker efficiency in the work place

  • Help's the overall success of the relocation


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To help you to find the perfect area to settle down in.


Touristic and practical visits of the city and neighbourhoods in order to select your prefered living area.

Advice on schools and property.

From defining your needs to signing  the rental contract.


Preselection of accomodation that meet your criteria in order to narrow down your visits.

From the definition of what you want to buy to the contract signature.


Your interface in the region, selecting and visiting accomodation that meets your needs. You only need to visit the best properties.

Moving out

School / Leisure

Moving in

To help you to settle in.


Water, electricity, gas, phone, internet connection contracts.

Search for renovation or removal companies. Driving licenses, vehicle registration procedures. Bank account openings.

For the whole family welfare.


School, nurseries, leisure,  nannies, home personnel search.

Search for refurbishing, removal companies.

Deregistration from school, telecoms, internet, postal delivery...


Who am I ?

Borned in Avignon, I graduated in Finance at the Troyes Business School.


I studied one year at the University of Stathclyde in Glasgow (Scotland) in order to improve my English.


After 10 years in Finance in Agri-Food and Tourism, I followed my husband in Germany for professionnal reasons.


We stayed there nearly 4 years and was then convinced about the great benefit of using relocation services in the success of expatriation.


Since march 2012, we are back in beautiful Provence where I have created my own relocation company. With my personal network, my international experience, and my knowledge of the region,I am highly motivated and promise to help you in your project.


After 11 years in the United Arabs Emirates during my childhood, I graduated in Marketing at the Angers Business School (ESSCA).


I have spent one year at the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow), as an Erasmus Student where I met Sandrine.


I have worked in Commercial and Marketing services during several years in Agri-Food companies. We have moved several times following my husband's professional opportunities. Each time we had to deal with the difficulties of  changement and it has requested a personal investment.


Each time, we had the benefit of using Relocation services. To be accompagnied by local experts permits us to settle-down and get integrated quickly and easily.


We are currently leaving near Aix en Provence since April 2011.

Valérie Michaud